The history of St. George Chapel of Brunswick, Georgia

St. George Chapel in Brunswick, GA, was built in 1967 through the efforts of some of the most dedicated Greek Orthodox people in town. Rather than attending church in non-Orthodox churches in Brunswick or to commute to Savannah, they put all their energy and resources in erecting a beautiful Chapel on 401 Newcastle Street, a few blocks from downtown Brunswick and in vicinity of St. Simon’s Island and Sea Island.

Fr. Tom Paris and Fr. Frank Kirlangitis were instrumental in the building and equipping St. George Chapel for services. After them, other dedicated priests from St. Paul’s Greek Orthodox Church in Savannah traveled one Saturday a month for Services and whenever some needs arose.

In the year 2008, renovations inside and outside of the Chapel gave a new and fresh look to the House of Worship. The kitchen and the bathrooms were upgraded, tiles were laid in both places and a beautiful red carpet was laid in the Chapel. As the roof of the small entrance showed signs of decay, the local parishioners along with a few volunteers from Savannah, built a new entrance and placed a new cross on the roof.

Presently, about 20 families, most of them young and professional, attend the monthly service which always ends with a wonderful meal prepared by the hosts. It is song to our ears and heaven to our eyes, to hear and see children again in the Chapel. They bring to us the hope and the assurance that the Chapel will continue to be a beacon of Orthodoxy in Brunswick, GA.

Recently, St. George celebrated their name day celebration, as well as their 50th Anniversary.  

St. George

If you would like to receive information about services in Brunswick, please contact Dr. Efthimia Pavlou at 912-638-7913 or e-mail to her at, or contact St. Paul’s
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Fr. John Wallace from St. Paul’s Greek Orthodox Church in Savannah, GA serves as our priest.



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