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Y.A.L. The young Adult League is a movement in the Archdiocese of individuals who are prepared, and continually preparing to, lead our Church, with the direction provided by the Holy Spirit, into the years and decades ahead. This movement includes social activities, but is much more than that. All youth married and single, are encouraged to participate in the ministries of the Y.A.L.

GREEK SPEAKING CLUB On a regular basis, there is an informal gathering of individuals who interact in a light, friendly atmosphere, and practice their knowledge of Greek language.

CHOIR Adding to the beauty of our divine worship is the able and dedicated effort of the members of our choir. However, new voices are always needed to augment the superlative psalmody which we have become accustomed to expect. All individuals interested in joining are encouraged to speak with the Choir Director or any member of the choir. "He who sings prays twice".

PHILOPTOCHOS The St. Barbara’s Ladies Philoptochos Society meets on a monthly basis and offers dedicated service to the Church and society. The ministries of this organization are many, not the least of which is assisting the needy. All the ladies of St. Paul’s are called upon to actively participate in the work of the Philoptochos. Contact the Chapter President for further details.

DANCE GROUP Greek dancing is not just for the children, but for the adults as well! Classes are available on a regular basis. Opportunities to perform occasionally arise during the course of the year. The Dance Group is a special highlight of our annual Church Festival. Plus, this program offers a wonderful opportunity toward augmenting one’s cultural appreciation. For further information, contact the Dance Director.

OUTREACH St. Paul’s always stands ready to serve those Orthodox Christians who are in our area from other parts of the country. Our door is always open to the military personnel attached to a neighboring post and to students enrolled in area schools. If you know of someone who is in Savannah for a limited stay, please contact the Church Office so that we may address their spiritual needs during that time.