Catechism Class: Introduction to Orthodoxy, Fall 2018

The class will be extended for a period of six weeks, generally one class per week, on Fridays at 6:00pm, starting with today, 09/21/18. Classes will be about two hours long, in the Hellenic Center, Conference Room upstairs. Fr. Vasile will conduct the Catechism and he will provide all the materials needed for the class and will give you materials to read at home. Interactions, questions and comments are welcomed. Members of the family (Orthodox or non) or friends are welcomed too.
We scheduled classes on the following dates: 09/21/18 (Lesson 1), 10/05/18 (L 2), 10/19/18 (L 3), 10/26/18 (L 4), 11/02/18 (L 5) and 11/09/18 (L 6). Please consider to attend all classes, as we will not have make-up classes. You noticed that we skipped some Fridays because of conflict with other activities. The dates and the lesson number will be published on the Monthly Calendar (to be seen on here on our website) and in the Weekly Bulletins.

After the six weeks of classes, each person is free to do whatever he(she) wants. To those deciding to convert, explanations about the proper procedure to join the church will be given; those who may not want to convert, will still be our friends and always welcomed in our community.