Jan. 10

St Pauls welcomes Fr. John Wallace as its new priest

St Pauls wishes to extend a warm welcome to Rev. Fr. John Wallace and his family.  Father John’s appointment to St Pauls parish is effective February 1, 2019.  Letters from His Eminence Metropolitan Alexios of Atlanta and the parish council have been emailed with hard copies placed in the US Mail. However, for your convenience, a copy of those letters can be found below.


Bishop letter

pc letter re Fr Wallace


Oct. 11

Changes in Festival Times and Dates


New festival hours:

Friday 11am -9pm
Saturday 11am- 9pm
Sunday 12:30pm – 6:30pm

Church Tour updated times from Friday, October 12 through Sunday, October 14, 2018:

Friday- 4:30 pm, 6:30pm and 7:30pm

Saturday-1:30 pm, 3:30 pm, 5:30 pm and 7:30 pm

Sunday-1:30 pm, 2:30 pm, 3:30 pm, 5:30 pm

Performance updated times from Friday, October 12 through Sunday, October 14, 2018:

F @ 5, Sat @ 4 & 5 pm
Sunday @ 1 & 4 pm

F @ 6, Sat @ 2 & 6 pm
Sunday @ 2 & 5 pm

F @ 7, Sat @ 1, 3, & 7 pm
Sunday @ 3 & 6 pm

Father John & his wife Sophia Caparisos

Friday: 1 and 530p
Saturday: 1230p and 630p
Sunday: 1230p and 430p

Sep. 21

Bible Classes 2018

Last night (09/20/18) at 6:00pm, we had our first Bible Class for the ecclesiastical year 2018-2019. Fr. Vasile made a presentation of the Scripture of Christianity and the way of its interpretation. At the end of the class, the participants decided (by consensus) that we should proceed with the study the St. Paul’s Epistle to the Hebrews.

The next two Bible classes will be on Thursday, October 4th and October18th, at 6:00pm.

09/21/18, at 6:00pm we will have the Catechism class (Lesson 1) at 6:00pm.

The Discussion Group will meet on Monday, October 15th, at 6:00pm, and we will debate: “Why we should pray to God when He knows what we need?”

Sep. 21

Catechism Class: Introduction to Orthodoxy, Fall 2018

The class will be extended for a period of six weeks, generally one class per week, on Fridays at 6:00pm, starting with today, 09/21/18. Classes will be about two hours long, in the Hellenic Center, Conference Room upstairs. Fr. Vasile will conduct the Catechism and he will provide all the materials needed for the class and will give you materials to read at home. Interactions, questions and comments are welcomed. Members of the family (Orthodox or non) or friends are welcomed too.
We scheduled classes on the following dates: 09/21/18 (Lesson 1), 10/05/18 (L 2), 10/19/18 (L 3), 10/26/18 (L 4), 11/02/18 (L 5) and 11/09/18 (L 6). Please consider to attend all classes, as we will not have make-up classes. You noticed that we skipped some Fridays because of conflict with other activities. The dates and the lesson number will be published on the Monthly Calendar (to be seen on here on our website) and in the Weekly Bulletins.

After the six weeks of classes, each person is free to do whatever he(she) wants. To those deciding to convert, explanations about the proper procedure to join the church will be given; those who may not want to convert, will still be our friends and always welcomed in our community.

Aug. 29

Sunday School

Please see the recent letter regarding “Why we should enroll our children in Sunday Schoool”MN0918-Art10SSLetter

Apr. 6

St Paul’s made local news on April 3rd


Mar. 20

GOYA Events for April and May

GOYA insert

Mar. 6

Spring Cleaning2018

Come and Join us to give the Church and courtyard some TLC!



Spring cleaning

Mar. 1

Holy Week 2018 Schedule

St. Paul’s is pleased to announce the 2018 Holy Week schedule for our parishioners and to any guests.

Holy Week 2018 Schedule

Feb. 9

St. Barbara’s Philoptochos Society’s 15th Annual Savannah Food & Wine Tasting

Our St. Barbara’s Philoptochos Society will be hosting their 15th Annual Savannah Food & Wine Tasting on February 24th from 3-6:00 p.m., at the St. Paul’s Hellenic Center (14 West Anderson St., Corner of Bull and Anderson). This popular annual event will feature more than 50 wines and signature dishes from some of Savannah’s best restaurants, all for a great price and cause.

All residents, visitors and tourists 21 years of age and older are welcomed to come and sample wines from around the world and small plates from Savannah’s best restaurants and food outlets.

Tickets for this charitable event  are available from the Philoptochos members for $40.00 per person in advance at  (912) 236-8256, or $45.00 at the door. Tickets are also available on E-tix.


The entrance fee, donations and sponsorships will all help to raise the money for local charitable organizations who rely on donation for their charitable work.

“As a group, we believe it is important to contribute, support and participate in philanthropic activities that will help our local community,” said President of Savannah’s Philoptochos, Bonnie Danos. “We look forward to continuing this important work by inviting everyone to join us in making this year’s event an unprecedented success that will raise thousands of dollars for our local charities.”

“I am proud of the commitment and generosity of our women’s group who give of their time to host charitable activities and work in the community to help those who are in need,” said Father Vaile Mihai, Priest at St. Paul’s Greek Orthodox Church of Savannah. “I also appreciate the support of our local restaurateurs and wine distributors who graciously donate food and beverages for this important event to support our local charities, organizations and people in need.”

Wines served at the Savannah Food and Wine Tasting will be selected under the guidance of Diane Rousakis, a renowned wine connoisseur and distributor. The sponsors and donors for the 2018 Food and Wine Tasting include: United Distributors and Savannah Distributing Company as well as Olympia Café, Crystal Beer Parlor, Papa’s Barbeque and Seafood,  Yia Yia’s Café, Chromatic Dragon, Asian River,  Catering Creations by LaVon, and other great restaurants.

The Philoptochos is the largest organization of Greek Orthodox women supporting many charities while spiritually enriching its members through their participation in its philanthropic work. Established in 1931, Philoptochos is the second largest women’s philanthropic organization in the United States to give to charitable causes; second only to the Sisterhood of Hadassah, the Jewish women’s charitable group.

For more information on this event, or for questions,  please contact:

Lynn Blenkhorn-Koukoulas,Lynn.blenkhorn@fkhealth.com, 508-851-0930 (cell)


Alexia Pitta,alexiapittas@gmail.com, 843-343-2378